... a job, which offers you absolute independence. You decide who you will work with, you choose the working hours to suit yourself, and your coworkers are partners whom you can utterly trust. Think of a job which will allow you to fulfill your goals and ambitions, be a constant source of pleasure and will inspire you with enthusiasm. Consider how empowering it would be if you could define your own terms of success and you had the freedom and support to pursue those aims.
You think it’s only a dream? Not at all! You can make this fantasy true sooner than you think. You only have to give us a little of your time and we will show you how to succeed.
In 2004 the founder of the FM GROUP had the idea of creating a line of exclusive perfume products. Now (September 2011) the company has more than 600,000 active distributors and operates across several continents. FM perfume products are manufactured based on scent compositions created by DROM Fragrances – a world leader in this industry.

4 questions

Do you wish to feel special?
Do you wish to surround yourself with people you like?
Do you wish to see new opportunities?
Do you wish to experience new emotions?

I you answered yes for only one of this questions, we are here to help you!

Stop thinking about it, and do not wait any longer.
Join our team now!

Contact us as soon as possible.

"Don't wait for the event. Create the event!"

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ania Sobol - Welcome to my Blog


My name is Ania Sobol.

I have lived in Nottingham for the past 5 years along with my family.
Two years ago I joint the FM Group with my husband David.

After a short period of time at this company we started to sponsor our family, friends and colleagues. When our group of new friends expanded, my husband began to organize training courses for people who wanted to be more than just distributors.

The FM group does not only have great, high-quality products but also is a company with its own marketing plan that helps you to build and expand your own team. For the most ambitious and persistent in the pursuit of success, the company has prepared an attractive compensation plan that allows them to get away from the 40-hour work-plan, to 100% of their own business time.  This provides a great opportunity and allows them to lead a fully enjoyable life.
In 2011, the FM Group entered its range of cosmetics for people of different ethnicities- especially black people; I think it was a bull’s eye, because of my friends who belong to different ethnicities I understand that these cosmetics were needed.

I know that for white women it is much easier to buy any selected cosmetic they wish to have, and that they do not have any problem with that because the colour range is very wide. And for black ladies, there are usually only two colours: primers and powder, very dark brown or light brown.

Because of this they are forced to use cosmetic tricks such as mixing talc with base if it is too dark to lighten the tone consistently (as my friend-until she received a certain gift from me).  I know that their skins are one of four different shades.
In addition, the company also ensured that the price of the products is low while maintaining excellent quality.

It took me a year to create this blog.
I hope that it will facilitate the decision for a number of people who have not yet joined our group.

I will try my best to keep you informed about everything that you might be interested in, not only for the current distributors, but also for those who are thinking of joining us.

Ania Sobol


Friday, 2 November 2012

FM Group Caribbean - Wow!

Please Take a look at those movies.

I do not have any comments. Take a look yourself.


The only thing I want to say, is that I regret I was not there. FM Group is not only a business, but also great fun with amazing people, who share same goal. To be the best - and they are going for it - Together !

Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to Register in FM Group Nigeria

How to join FM Group Nigeria
  1. Fill out a registration form which can be got from your sponsor (Agnes or Ania) or our website under the sub title "Register Online".
  2. If you want the big kit, pay in N14,150  which is for the starter kit and a bottle of perfume, to our account details of which can be gotten from our office (07036590825).
  3. If you want the mini kit, pay in N5,150 which is for the mini kit, a bottle of perfume and the marketing plan. If you want catalogs, you would need to pay in an additional N900 for the 3 catalogs.
  4. Your starter kit will be sent out to you. If you are outside Port Harcourt, a delivery charge of N1500 applies so that means you will pay N15,650 into the account and you should receive it maximum of 48 hours. There are some locations where delivery can be up to 72 hours because of on forwarding by Fedex.
  5. You are now ready to start business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Sponsor?
Your Sponsor is the person that introduced you to the business (Agnes or Ania). You have the right to choose your sponsor. Be careful about choosing who your sponsor is because you might not be able to change him/her. If you do not have a sponsor, one of the leaders in the company closest to your location will be assigned to you to enable your business launch out smoothly.

What is a Starter Kit?
The Starter Kit is your marketing tool. It contains about 160 samples of all the fragrances currently being done by FM. Your samples are not for sale but testing so your customers can smell before they buy the big bottle of perfume. The starter kit also comes complete with the marketing plan, catalog, price list, order form, training dvd and a bottle of perfume (30ml or 50ml) depending on your choice.

My Starter Kit has empty spaces, why?
This is because, every year, some fragrances are added to the FM Collection and some are discontiued, the empty spaces allow for addition of new samples. So when you get your kit, it is not incomplete.

I am interested but I have never done Network Marketing before!
There is a first time for everything. Bear in mind that everybody uses fragrance and FM Fragrances offer a wide range of selection so it is easy to sell. Secondly, our fragrances are very affordable so it is easy to buy. As regards the business opportunity, a lot of people are unemployed or looking for another source of income so offer the FM Opportunity to them. NEVER MAKE A DECISION FOR A POTENTIAL CLIENT OR RECRUIT.

How much can I earn from the business?
This is up to you. It depends on the volume of sales in your team in any particular month. However, the more active people in your team, the higher your earning potential. You can earn as little as N100 or as much as N2,000,000. The ball is in your court.

How long does it take to achieve success with FM Group?
This is also up to you but anything from 4 months and your earnings can get up to N100,000 and of course increases as you remain committed to the business.

How is my Commission Paid?
Commissions are usually paid between the 7th and 20th of the next month and is done by direct debit. When you register, give the account details where you would want your commission to be paid into. Please note that we would require the following from you to enable direct debit to happen:

Account Name
Bank Address
Account Number
Bank Sort Code

What is a Sort Code?
This is a special number that every bank has, kindly inquire from your account officer what the particular bank branch sort code is so your money can get to you intact.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

FM Group Kenia - Slideshow 2012

FM Make UP - FM Group Guayane - Miss interlycees

Year 2011 was a braking point for Make Up products.
This year FM announced Dark Skin Make UP.

That was excellent decission, because many times my black friends asked me for cosmetics designed for their skin.

Up to that time, there was not so many products whitch could meet their expectations on the market (Boots, Mary Kay, etc) and there where expensive as well.

Now FM offers a great range of colour tones, that can be used for darker, or lighter skin.

This video is made in June 2012. Since then we develop more products. Please watch it and enjoy it.

Ania Sobol

FM Group without the borders

It doesn't matter where in the World you live, is it Nigeria, Kenya, France, China or UK.
It doesn't matter of your ethnicity, language or beliefs.
In FM Group we have the same goals, and we are going for them as a team, as a partners in trust all over the World.